Do you need a heat pump in your home?

You’re designing your new home. You’ve chosen your favorite architectural style. You’ve decided on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. You’ve even thought about the exterior landscaping. But how much time have you spent thinking about your HVAC system?

If you haven’t given it much thought, it’s time you discuss your options with your builder and/or architect. Of course, you have numerous choices, including a heat pump system, which is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons.

What is a heat pump?

The words “heat pump” can be a bit confusing. Unlike what the name indicates, this kind of unit not only heats your home in the winter but can also cool it in the summer. In that way, it’s an all-in-one unit. Furthermore, it’s powered by electricity, so it doesn’t require fuel to run.

Technically, heat pumps don’t generate hot or cold air. Instead, they pull it from the outdoors and transfer it to the inside of your home. As such, they might not be as effective in super cold climates as in more moderate temperatures, but they are worth investigating if you live in the Vancouver area.

We certainly believe heat pumps can be a terrific choice for your new home, and here’s why.

1. Two-in-one convenience

Because heat pumps provide warm and cold air, you’ve essentially invested in two appliances in one. That’s an immediate money saver as you’re not buying a furnace and an air conditioner. You’re relying on only one system, and switching back and forth is easy if it’s cold one day and hot the next.

2. Lower costs with a heat pump

There are several ways to save money with the installation of a heat pump. First, they don’t require any fuel – like oil or gas – so less money is spent on powering them. And because of their optimal efficiency, you’ll even save money on your electric bills.

Furthermore, heat pumps have a longer life span than some other systems. It’s not unusual for a good quality, durable heat pump to last 15-20 years. Furthermore, regular maintenance requirements tend to be less with heat pump units, which keeps money in your wallet since repairs tend to be minimal.

3. Energy efficiency

If being as “green” as possible is high on your list, a heat pump may be just the right thing for your new home. Because they transfer air rather than produce it, they use far less electricity than a standard air conditioner. They’re also better at dehumidifying than traditional AC units, so less energy is used during summer when electric bills are often sky-high.

4. Environmental friendliness

Carbon emissions are greatly reduced with the use of a heat pump. Not only are you not using any other fuel source that can cause pollution, but the increased energy efficiency of the unit means your environmental footprint will be much smaller in general.

5. Improved safety

With a heat pump, you won’t need to concern yourself with issues like natural gas leaks or oil spills. The pump eliminates any risks you might face with a furnace, such as fires or carbon monoxide exposure. Overall, it’s a safer option.

6. Peace and quiet with a heat pump

Do you have nightmares about the oil furnace clunking in grandma’s dark basement? Have you been bothered by a noisy, rattling HVAC system of another type? With a heat pump, there are no annoying sounds. You’ll hear a quiet hum, perhaps, but most of the noise will happen at the outside compressor, far from your family’s ears.

Choosing a heat pump for your new home

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