Home Inspections – Know Their Limits

Home inspections are a common element of real estate transactions in B.C. However homebuyers should be aware of what an inspection does and does not cover. For example, Home inspectors are not required to inspect evidence of water penetration, condensation and mould, They cannot inspect or comment on areas of the house (e.g. insulation, walls or attic) that are not reasonably accessible or readily visible.

Visit the websites of home and property inspection associations to learn more about what inspectors are and are not
required to inspect. More tips for homebuyers can be found in Buying a New Home: A Consumer Protection Guide free from www.hpo.bc.ca

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HPO : What’s the Warranty History of Your New Home?

If the home you’re interested in buying is still covered by home warranty insurance, it’s a good idea to find out if any warranty claims have been made for construction defects.

Before completing the sale, you should review the policy documents to find out coverage expiry dates and ask the seller if any claims have been made or are outstanding. Only an owner is entitled to get a claims history report from the warranty provider (available for a fee up to $25), so you may want to make it a condition of sale.

If you’re buying a strata property, make sure to request this information from both the unit owner and the strata corporation (for the common property claims history).

For a home that is less than five years old, you should also find out if the owners did any of the finishing themselves, rather than the builder. If that was the case, the builder’s warranty will exclude the design, labour and materials provided by the owner. Before you make the purchase, it’s important to know what is and what isn’t covered by the warranty.

For more tips for homebuyers, download Buying a New Home: A Consumer Protection Guide free from www.hpo.bc.ca.

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HPO Residential Construction Performance Guide

This Guide, from the Homeowner Protection Office, is an essential reference tool for owners of homes with home warranty insurance and Licensed Residential Builders.

Download from the HPO page Here