We love to get happy feedback from the clients who have chosen us to build their homes. We’re delighted that they’re pleased with the end result and that they’re eager to recommend us to their friends and family members for their custom homebuilding needs.

But what makes us even more excited is when the sub-trades we work with – our plumbers, drywall installers, roofers, electricians, and others – choose us to build their custom homes! When we receive such positive reinforcement from those who work with their hands every day to make our houses of the highest quality, we’re excited!

We recognize, of course, that the tradespeople who work with us on a regular basis could choose just about any area builder to construct their dream home. Many of them work for other builders in addition to F.M. Construction, so they are able to view a number of builders at work. The fact that our sub-trades choose us when it’s time to build their home attests to the fact that they see something in us they perhaps they don’t see in other custom home builders in the Vancouver area.

What makes us different from other builders?

It’s easy for our sub-trades to see how we care for our clients and what we do to go above and beyond for them. We are proud of the fact that we are with our customers from the beginning to the end of their project, from the design process until we hand them the keys to the front door. While we recognize that it takes a large team of committed professionals to build a home, we also assert that it’s our personal responsibility to make sure that the team is functioning properly.

We listen to our clients. We know that incorporating the things our clients want in their homes is of the ultimate importance, so we brainstorm with them to come up with the most cost-efficient way to include all their needs and wants in their home plans, making suggestions to help them adhere to the home’s design aesthetic as well as to their budget. We work TOGETHER to create a home that meets their goals.

We keep a close eye on our sub-trades and suppliers. Those who’ve worked with us recognize that we expect only the best from those we bring in from outside our company to complete work in the homes we build. While we don’t micro-manage, we also don’t choose a sub-trade until we’re sure they have standards that match ours and can do the job to our liking. Just as we do, we want our sub-trades to go above and beyond when it comes to satisfying our clients. That’s why we choose carefully… and when a sub-trade doesn’t meat our standards, they aren’t invited back.

We’re excellent at communication. We understand that our homeowners like to stay informed every step of the way. Our sub-trades can view that consistent communication while working for us and are impressed with our dedication to keeping the client abreast of what’s going on, especially when there’s a problem to be solved. Because we make it a point to be on-site as often as possible, it’s easy for us to let our clients know when the framing is done, when the kitchen is complete, and when it’s time to start thinking about moving in the furniture. Communication is key to a great builder-customer relationship!

And, finally…we’re honest. We couldn’t have created “A Traditional of Fine Homes” without being totally up-front with our homeowners. That’s another attribute our sub-trades admire and why they often choose us to build their own homes. We provide an honest timeline from the start and don’t promise things we can’t deliver. We tell you when something’s not quite right and let you know when making changes will be to your benefit. We don’t slip in any surprises and we don’t do anything halfway. We understand that developing trust is paramount and maintain that honesty is the best way to do that.


What to know more about why our sub-trades choose F.M. Construction for their own homebuilding needs? Would you like to speak to our satisfied homeowners to learn more about their experiences with F.M. and it’s honest, friendly, and hard-working staff? Simply call 604-880-4081 and we’ll put you in touch with a member of our team who will provide you with the information you seek.