Considered the birthplace of British Columbia, Fort Langley is a wonderful place to live, play, and work. Filled with historic sites, natural areas, shops, and more, this village community of about 3,500 people lies on the Fraser River at the northern edge of the Township of Langley. Those who live there talk of a wonderful community feeling, promoted by fun family events, live music concerts, outdoor markets, and much more.

What makes Fort Langley a good investment?

As you search for a location to build your new home, you likely have many things that are on your priority list as you balance one option with another.

In choosing Fort Langley, you can tick off a lot of boxes. First of all, the area is aesthetically pleasing. The shops are charming, existing homes are well-tended, and the amount of green space in the area is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

As a matter of fact, Fort Langley Community Park, Hudson’s Bay Park, Brae Island Regional Park, and Marina Park are all located in this vibrant community. The latter has a boat launch that provides access to the Bedford Channel. On Brae Island, there’s also camping including RV hook-ups, great for friends or family members who are visiting in a camper.

Fort Langley also has its very own National Historic Site, a former Hudson Bay Company fur trading post. It draws upwards of about 60-70,000 visitors per year and often hosts special events that locals enjoy as well.

The commercial core of Fort Langley is home to nearly a hundred different businesses, and as a resident you’ll never find it difficult to locate goods or services that you seek. Supermarkets, restaurants, and other retail establishments are plentiful, and good doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals have offices in Fort Langley as well.

Tourists love picturesque Glover Road, which travels through the centre of Fort Langley and offers small boutiques, art galleries, and other locally-owned businesses that keep the economy thriving. But you’ll also find large chain stores and premium label outlets if that’s what you prefer.

For those with children, you’ll be delighted with the education prospects. Though the village is part of District 35 Langley, the piece de resistance is the grades 1-12 Langley Fine Arts School, which is a specialty arts-focused school that gives talented children and teens a chance to excel in a unique environment.

Close proximity to Vancouver and more!

While Fort Langley itself has plenty to offer, it’s also close to other communities that provide singles, couples, and families with a plethora of opportunities. City life in Vancouver is also just 50 kms away, which means it’s close enough for those who work there or like to take advantage of the city’s museums, nightlife, and more, but far enough away to allow residents to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.

Artisan farms and wineries also surround Fort Langley, so a ride out into the countryside of the Fraser Valley is always an option for those who want to spend a weekend day exploring the area. This is especially pleasant during the warmer months, of course.

Furthermore, Fort Langley isn’t that far from locations where you might enjoy winter recreational activities. For example, Whistler is just an easy 2-hour drive north and public transportation options are available for reaching it as well.

Building a home in Fort Langley

As local home builders, F.M. Construction loves the opportunity to create a new living space for our clients who choose Fort Langley as their community. Real estate there is a sound investment and homes tend to hold their value. Furthermore, we’ve found that residents are very particular about their properties and the village always looks pristine.

We can help you locate a lot in Fort Langley, if you wish, or build on an existing lot you already own. We can also assist you in choosing an architectural style that compliments the unique community of Fort Langley and will guide you through each step of the building process, from deciding how many bedrooms you need to choosing a kitchen that can make your culinary dreams come true and everything in between.

For more information on the benefits of building a new home in Fort Langley, contact our experts at 604-880-4081 for a no obligation consultation.