We hear the word “smart” used in a lot of phrases and sentences these days. Most of us carry a “smart” phone, for example, which allows us to accomplish a variety of tasks with just a few taps on a tiny screen. It’s pretty wild and maybe even a little bit scary. But truth is that the smart phone has made life a whole lot easier for most of us.

Perhaps you’ve also heard the word “smart” paired with the word “home” or “house”, especially if you’re thinking about buying a new home or building the home of your dreams. Smart homes, in fact, have been around for a while, but the definition of a smart home continues to change as technology becomes more and more sophisticated.

In general, however, a “smart home” is a house that’s equipped with a variety of technology or devices that serve to automate tasks that are usually handled by humans. In the case of new construction, these devices might be built directly into the house or, in other cases, this technology can be added on later. You might operate them with an app on your phone, through voice commands, or by using AI – artificial intelligence.

A “smart home” is pretty cool, in our opinion. It offers you so many state-of-the-art options that are not only fun to operate but also provide all sorts of other advantages for homeowners.

Reasons to consider a smart home

  • Saving energy and money – The primary reason many homeowners opt for smart products is to save on the costs of running a home and to reduce the amount of energy consumed. How does this happen? By employing products such as a smart thermostat, which automates the heating and cooling of your house, both cost and consumption is reduced. Other such products, including appliances and lights that will automatically power down when not in use, are also high on the must-buy list for energy-conscious individuals.
  • Security – Products that provide a safer environment for the homeowner and his/her family are also popular for those seeking “smart” choices. Lights, cameras, and doorbells that are connected to an app, for example, are becoming more and more widely used. Products like the “Ring” doorbell can let you see who’s knocking on the door or lurking around your back porch whether you’re home or not, and it’s been proven that when a potential thief sees such technology installed in a home, they are less likely to attempt a break-in.
  • Simplicity – Yes, it’s a fact that your life can be made simpler with the use of smart technology for your home. Something as mundane as turning lights on and off or turning down the heat when you go on holiday…these things don’t need to be done by human hands when there’s technology involved that does it for you with a simple voice command or the use of an app. In addition, with products like the popular Roomba™, you can save time normally spent on household tasks and come home to a vacuumed house without ever lifting a finger!
  • Enhanced entertainment – Smart technology doesn’t just apply to lights and HVAC systems. This same type of technology can keep you entertained and informed as well. Anyone who uses Amazon’s “Alexa” product knows how easy it is to command one’s favorite music playlist, ask for sports scores, or listen to the news of the day. Connected speakers, along with AI-based digital assistants, can do amazing things…and you don’t even need to leave your favorite chair to experience the perks of such technology.

This is cool! Now, where do I start?

Perhaps you already have some smart technology in place and are enjoying the advantages of moving in that direction. If you don’t, however, there are some easy places to start.

A good first purchase is a digital assistant-type product like the previously-mentioned Alexa. Smart light bulbs are also an easy addition to your home as is installing a smart thermostat, such as the Nest™. And then there’s the video doorbell and other security products.

If, however, you’re getting ready to talk to our designers and construction team about building a new home, a conversation about integrating smart technology in your house from the start is definitely something that should happen. Our professionals not only know how to build you an amazing home but we can also make suggestions on how to use smart technology to save money, enhance security, and turn your home into one that nearly thinks for itself.

For more information on how F.M. Construction can help you realize your “smart” goals, schedule a consultation by calling us at 604-880-4081.