There’s an old saying in show business that goes like this: “You’re only as good as your last performance.” Over the years, many have taken that phrase and adapted to their own profession simply by changing the final word of the adage.

In the custom home construction business, we believe “you’re only as good as your last house”, and we understand that maintaining our stellar reputation depends on the job we do each time we take on the important responsibility of constructing a new home. That’s why we hire only the best contractors to help us each time we are charged with that task.

Finding and keeping the best contractors

At F.M. Construction, our number one goal is to provide our customer with a quality custom home that reflects their wishes and remains within their budget. We understand how important those two parameters are to the buyer! That’s why we provide construction management services and advice at every stage of the homebuilding process – from house plan design and budget to landscaping and outdoor living space planning – and make sure everything in between gets done to a high standard and to the customer’s satisfaction.

That’s a tall order, and while we take ultimate responsibility for every step of the project, we couldn’t do the job we do without our contractors, whom we believe are among the best in the Greater Vancouver area in their respective fields.

How do we know that? Because we’ve taken the time to carefully select these contractors. We review their credentials carefully before they join our team. We ask for references and referrals and personally inspect previous projects on which they’ve worked. We make sure that their work ethic and their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is the same as ours.

After all, we can’t and won’t stake our reputation on anything less. We make sure we’re a perfect match before we hire any contractors. That’s why many of them have been with us for a decade or more.

Above all, we value our contractors and we show them how important they are to us. We treat them as independent business people on whom we depend for success, and we value their knowledge in a particular trade or area of work. While we hold them accountable for their commitments, we also have a relationship with them that’s built on a high level of trust. We always keep the lines of communication open and even put our customers in touch with them if we feel it’s beneficial. And while we clearly communicate the specifics of the job for which we hire them, we ask for their input as well.

In all, this level of partnership means we are able to maintain the same contractors through countless projects. As such, our finished products are consistently excellent because our contractors are consistently excellent. It’s that simple.

Specialized contractors

At F.M. Construction, we hire “specialists”. Just as you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist if you’re having problems with headaches, we won’t hire a tile layer to frame your house. We also don’t look for “Jacks (or Jills)-of-all-trades when hiring contractors. We want the contractors we use to be the best at their individual trade, so we look for those who have honed their skills in a particular specialty, like decorative concrete finishing or marble installation.

We believe that everyone who spends their hard-earned money to build the custom house of their dreams deserves the best their budget can buy and we look for that best in every contractor who becomes a part of our team. Sometimes it takes a little digging, but we’re confident we’ve got a team who’ll provide you with an amazing finished product!


For more information on our team of top-notch contractors, to view photographs of finished homes we’ve built, or to learn more about F.M. Construction’s family of dedicated owners, call us for a no-obligation consultation.